Kore Sit-Stand Mobile Desk
Kore Sit-Stand Mobile Desk
Kore Sit-Stand Mobile Desk
Kore Sit-Stand Mobile Desk
Kore Sit-Stand Mobile Desk
Kids sit-stand mobile student desk

Learn about kore Mobile Sit-Stand Desk

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Studies have shown that lack of movement in children causes poor core strength. It happens even after you arrange hours of physical activities for them. Children need hours of unrestricted movement, something that they don’t have nowadays. They have to sit still for hours for their classes, especially since we started online/virtual classes. With a Sit-Stand Desk at your home or in your class, you can ensure that kids get to change their posture every now and then and stay on top of their health. With this sit-stand desk, children will no longer have to be stationery for long periods. They can easily change their posture.

ultimate mobility

frequent movement is healthy

Always On Good Behavior

Have you ever felt that kids who have been made to sit in the same position for several hours always seem in a bad mood? That is because children, especially those who are kinesthetic learners, become disruptive when they are bored. They have trouble paying attention, so they do what comes naturally to them. A study indicated that when children were allowed to stand, it improved their attention, enhanced their alertness, and helped them become more engaged in the class. Teachers who implemented the standing desks in their classes, saw a reduction in behavior problems.

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exercise & work

feel the burn

Burn calories while you work

Wait, what? Is that right? Do you burn calories when you stay on your feet during work hours? Yes that is absolutely true. A study was conducted in three Texas schools, and it came up with an amazing report. According to the study, kids who stand during classroom time, burn more calories and have better attention spans as compared to kids who sit during class time. Give your children an environment where they can move more so they can stay alert, stay on top of their game, and stay fit.

proven therapy

Helps with ADHD

Children are sitting down more than they have ever done. Gone are the days when we climbed trees, rolled down hills, and spun in circles just for fun. Recess times have shortened as someone, somewhere decided that children were not having enough learning time. Even kindergartners are being made to sit for half an hour during circle time. This is one of the factors why so many children are being diagnosed as ADHD. But with the kids sit-stand desk, your children can have a better time in class. Children have fun, they pay more attention, and develop a strong sensory system.


make learning fun

get to know us

Learn about our mobile sit-stand desk, the perfect pairing to Kore Kids Adjustable Wobble Chairs. The Kore sit-stand desk gives teens the option of sitting or standing and giving them movement they love while maintaining classroom structure. Castors allow for freedom of desk placement.


Kore Kids Sit-Stand mobile Student desk

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