Kids Floor Wobbler Balance Disc
Kids Floor Wobbler Balance Disc
Kids Floor Wobbler Balance Disc
Kore Balance Disc
Kids Floor Wobbler Balance Disc
Sports Floor Wobbler balance disc

Learn about kore Floor Wobbler™ Balance Disc

the perfect exercise companion

Are you always short of time? Are your plans of joining the gym still just plans? Do you find it hard to get the time for exercise? If that’s the case, then the Floor Wobbler™ Balance Disc is exactly what you’re looking for. Easy to move, easy to carry around, you can use it anywhere you want, whether it’s your office, house, or anywhere in between. Also, you don’t need to buy heavy and expensive equipment once you have the floor balance disk. The Floor Balance Disc, also known as a wobble cushion, is strong enough for you to either sit on or stand.

core strength

core workout

What Else Can I Get Out of a Floor Balance Disk?

Convenience is just one of the things that you can get from a floor balance disk. It also helps you enhance your concentration. When you sit still, you get bored. When you get bored, your mind wanders. The floor balance disk keeps you continuously moving and in the present to not wander off again. It also helps strengthen your core muscles and decrease back and neck pain. When you sit still, in one position, it tires out your back and neck. You start slouching, and that puts you at risk of bad posture. A floor balance disk is precisely what the doctor ordered.

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your next workout partner

gym companion

Improve Proprioception

Proprioception refers to the body telling the brain to make adjustments depending on the terrain and environment you’re in. Your proprioception is the reason why you don’t often fall and injure yourself. If you have been injured, your proprioception will be affected, and the floor balance disc is one of the best ways to help it recover. A floor balance disc can help you with sprained ankles, arthritis, knee surgery, joint replacement surgery, and so much more.

challenge your body

Practice Active Standing/Dynamic Standing

When you sit on a floor balance disk, you practice active sitting. It is also called active seating and dynamic sitting. You can place the disk on your chair, or you can put it on the floor. Now, when you sit on it, your body will have to make constant adjustments to keep you balanced. These movements will strengthen your muscles and provide your body with the support it needs. They will also keep your muscles alert, your mind alert, and your spine in a straight position. You can sit on a floor balance disk for as long as you want, but in the beginning, we would suggest doing it in short periods multiple times during the day.

keep fit

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make learning fun

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Learn more about Floor Wobbler™, the perfect companion for you next workout!


Kore sports Floor Wobbler Balance Disc

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Ergo Expo AwardGEI Award badgeFamily Choice Award BadgeMind Spring Award BadgeCopa Award BadgeMade in USA Badge
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