Kore Sit-Stand Mobile Desk
Kore Sit-Stand Mobile Desk
Kore Sit-Stand Mobile Desk
Kore Sit-Stand Mobile Desk
Kore Sit-Stand Mobile Desk
Teen-College sit-stand mobile student desk

Learn about kore Mobile Sit-Stand Desk

pair it with one of our wobble stools

Kore Design LLC is proud to present the latest and most innovative technology that will have you sitting, standing, and generally rocking your day. There is a ton of research that shows the benefits of standing while you work. Now, you can offer these benefits to your teens as they spend their day in the classroom, the library, the arts and crafts room, or at home. No more dreary work schedules and painful backs and necks. Now it’s all fun with the best Kore Product you’ve seen: The Sit Stand Desk.

ultimate mobility

frequent movement is healthy

Everybody STAND UP!!!! For The Sit Stand Desk

Human beings were never meant to sit still for long hours. Our bodies aren’t programmed like that. We are supposed to be moving. We are supposed to be in motion most of the time. Unfortunately, that is not what the students get when they enter the classroom. What they do get is a hard, unforgiving chair and a boatload of pain and bad posture. With the Sit Stand Desk, you can revolutionize the way students learn. Let them sit and stand according to their own needs. Let them be free to move whenever they want.

mouse over
to see it in action
mouse over
to see it in action

exercise & work

energy restored

Channel their Energy

Children have a lot of energy, especially teens. They need to dissipate that energy to feel relaxed and harmonious. The Sit Stand Desk is perfect for giving that relaxation to them. When they stand for their lesson, they are actually increasing their blood flow throughout their bodies. This not only increases their alertness it also helps them focus. Adults in the workplace are reporting an immediate and exponential rise in productivity after working at a Sit Stand Desk. Research indicates that when teens are allowed to move, they channel their energy and feel more energetic. No more sluggish and tired teens for you!

burn it up

Calorie Burner

Did you know that people who stand while they work burn more calories than people who sit? Yes, that’s right. Now think of the obesity pandemic that we have, and you’ll start to see the benefits of the Sit Stand Desk in your home, your educational institute, or anywhere else. A CDC-funded study found that students who chose to stand for most of the class burned 11 more calories per hour and 300 more calories per week than their counterparts. Another thing that they found was that heavier children burned 32 more calories than when sitting. Now, if that’s not a benefit, we don’t know what is.

300 calories /wk

make learning fun

get to know us

Learn about our mobile sit-stand desk, the perfect pairing to Kore Kids Wobble Chairs. It gives teens the movement they love while maintaining classroom structure and still allowing for freedom of desk placement.


Kore teen-college sit-stand mobile student desk

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