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Learn about kore Award Winning Kids Wobble Stool

what makes kore award-winning wobble chair special?

How fun would it be if kids could sit in their seats and wiggle and wobble whenever they like? Don’t you think that’s possible? It wasn’t before. But now, thanks to our kids’ kore wobble chairs, you can ensure that sitting down is more fun than ever for them.

positive posture

health benefits

Kore Kids Wobble chair promotes positive posture & Blood flow

Wobble chairs also promote a positive posture which enables more blood flow to the brain. The more the blood flows, the more oxygen it will get and the more it will perform, increasing brain functions.

increased attention

classroom benefits

Wobble Stool for Classrooms

How long can students sit still in one go? That is the million-dollar question. According to studies, the perfect condition for young kids is around three to five minutes per session. The ideal situation means no distractions, no pains and aches, no friends, and no games. We all know how difficult it is to create such an environment. But if children can move around while sitting in their chairs, they will be able to focus more, and even if they do get distracted, they will come round to their task again quickly. What does this mean? Among other things, it means that a wobble chair can give children a better learning experience.

increased productivity

Active-sitting reduces stress

How much stress can a little child’s brain take before it stops learning? Traditional seats and chairs promote poor posture. The more children sit with a poor posture, the more stress they feel. The more stress they feel, the less productive they are and the less attentive they are. Take away the stress, and you give children an environment where they are happy and relaxed. That is what our kid’s wobble chairs offer.

reduced stress

make learning fun

stay fit and engaged

sitting is just the beginning

Did you know that dynamic sitting or active sitting is only one of the things that you can do with kids’ kore wobble chair? There’s so much more. The kore wobble chairs are fantastic as an exercise accessory. Yup! That’s right. You can actually use them to help the kids exercise and keep fit. For example, you can ask the kids to get on their hands and knees with their tummy on the wobble chair. Now ask them to raise their hands as if they are a superhero. Next, ask them if they can raise both arms and legs. See how far they can go.

get to know us

We strive to create the very best kids active-sit chairs/stools, floor seating and sit-stand desk available today. Please take a moment and explore our current catalog of products below, available for toddlers to pre-teens. Also, look at our adjustable wobble chairs for teens, college and office environments.

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Kore Kids wobble chairs (toddlers to pre-teens)

Ergo Expo AwardGEI Award badgeFamily Choice Award BadgeMind Spring Award BadgeCopa Award BadgeMade in USA Badge
Ergo Expo AwardGEI Award badgeFamily Choice Award BadgeMind Spring Award BadgeCopa Award BadgeMade in USA Badge
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