Teen - College Hi-Rise Wobble Chair Wins Attendees' Choice At Ergo Expo 2019

Priscilla Tammaro Novaes

April 9, 2019


Each year at ErgoExpo, attendees choose their top 4 products that offer “the best opportunity to increase productivity and profitability, while improving workplace health and safety.” Kore Design is honored to receive one of the four awards for its Teen/College Hi-Rise Wobble Chair 21-31.5″.

The taller version of the Teen/College chair was introduced in Spring 2019, and is a perfect choice for education and industrial settings due to its versatile height options and ease of maintenance. Get more product details here.

ErgoExpo is a leading expo and conference in ergonomic products and solutions for the office, health care, industrial sectors. The expo provides expert presenters and research-based case studies and workshops for workplace design to address ergo, safety and wellness challenges. Visit their website to learn more about ErgoExpo or for details regarding the Attendees’ Choice Awards.

Mark and Lionel receiving the Attendees' Choice Award at ErgoExpo 2019.

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